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Adapters For NIKE

Nike VRS Covert or VaporFleXloft - 2.0 Sleeve Adapter .335 £30

The FleXloft adaptor allows for loft adjustments from 8º to 12º with 3 additional face angle settings, closed, neutral (square) and open for the VR_S Covert or Vapor driver - Works for both RH & LH .335".

Supply or Fit


Note! if you would like us to fit this adapter to a shaft and grip, so that it is ready to play, 1st add all ⅔ items to your basket. At checkout, include a message stating the playing length you would like your club to be (i.e. standard mens length) Alternatively you can state the length of your current shaft, measured from the butt of the grip to the tip of the adapter, when removed from the head.