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Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound +4 Grips


New Decade® Multicompound +4 Grips from £11.99

The New Decade MultiCompound Platinum Series from Golf Pride introduces four exciting new colours to this Tour-proven line of hybrid grips. The Platinum Series features a grey upper section designed with Golf Pride’s exclusive BCT® cord for all-weather control, and high-performance rubber in the lower hand for ultimate comfort and responsiveness. Available in Scarlet, Midnight Blue, and White.

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New Decade Multi-Compound (MCC) Standard Size £11.99 Midsize £12.99

Thisinnovative hybrid grip fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord for an exciting new look and feel. The Multi Compound boasts Golf Pride's exclusive black Velvet Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a soft rubber material in the lower hand for ultimate control and responsiveness.


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Men’s VDR £6.99

Black is also available as Midsize £7.99

The Golf Pride VDR Golf Grip has a new grip feel and performance with its new triple-texture technology. Featuring three depths of surface grip texture, the VDR (variable depth rubber) is specifically designed for heightened traction and excellent all-weather performance. The precision-cut, variable depth texture, combined with a shock-reducing rubber compound provides wrist protection from off-center strikes.

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Men's Z Grip Cord

Men's Z Grip Cord £12.99

The Z-Grip Cord is Golf Pride's firmest, stiffest cord grip available, featuring a deep "Z" shaped texture pattern that winds vertically around the grip for control, moisture management, and responsiveness.

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Tour Wrap® 2G £6.99

With a modernised look and fresh, new colours, the Tour Wrap® 2G™ now features enhanced tackiness and an even softer material for a great new feel. This one-piece, simulated wrap grip combines the look and feel of luxury leather with the durability, economy, and performance of high-tack rubber.

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Tour Wrap
Tour Wrap® 2G

Black, Red, White and Midsize Black

New Tour 25 Lightweight


New Tour 25 Lightweight £9

Introducing the Tour 25, Golf Pride’s lightest rubber swing grip. At only 25 grams, this lightweight model is the perfect replacement grip for drivers and fairway woods that use a light grip as a component. Installed on a standard weighted club, it increases swing weight 4-5 points. Distinctive white rings painted around the logo give the Tour 25 a contemporary design.

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Men's Tour Velvet 360 £6.99

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip features the look and feel of the Tour Velvet with a non-slip surface pattern in a 360-degree design for consistent performance in any shaft position. It’s designed for interchangeable shafts on drivers, fairway woods, and hybrid clubs. This grip features double-dash rings on the end caps and bell-end for adjustment markers.

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Men's Tour Velvet 360
Standard Tour Velvet £6.99
Midsize Tour Velvet £7.99
Jumbo Tour Velvet £8.99

Golf Pride Tour Velvet in 3 sizes from £6.99

The most popular grip in golf today combines an exclusive, state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a computer-designed, non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort, and confidence. The Tour Velvet is the standard upon which many club manufacturers base their designs.

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GP wrap

Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grip

Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grip £8.99

The Players Wrap putter grip combines style and touch with its smart look and innovative design. The arched-pistol shape pairs a smooth paddle front and a half wrap back in a simulated leather wrap, providing added comfort and touch on the greens. The Players Wrap also maintains well with its smooth and seamless surface that wipes clean for reliable performance.

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