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Lamkin Crossline Standard Mens £6.99

Lamkin X line

Ladies Bronze:. £6.99

Lamkin Crossline Grips

The pattern is recognisable. The performance is unmistakable. The proprietary M2 rubber compound adds tack and durability while the distinctive pattern increases hand-traction and reduces torque for the ultimate-performance grip.


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Lamkin Crossline Sofcord (60 Round)

A favourite among touring professionals. The Crossline Cord's proprietary M2 rubber compound is layered with a soft cord fabric, adding maximum traction to this all-weather grip.

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Lamkin Crossline Sofcord (60 Round) £9.99


Crossline Paddle Putter £8.99

Lamkin putter

Crossline Paddle Putter

One of the most preferred putter grips on Tour, the combination of the unique paddle shapes and Crossline Pattern give the Crossline Paddle its distinctive feel.

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Dual Density Torsion Control (Dark Green) to clear £4




Dual Density Torsion Control (Dark Green)

The Dual Density Torsion Control grips feature the same concept of a firm under listing and softer out layer as the Dual Density Crossline, which reduces torque. A new Laser-Tac surface provides unprecedented tackiness.

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Perma-Wrap grips for woods and irons have been a favourite among golfers for more than 15 years. Soft-feeling, the Lamkin Perma-Wrap Classic 3G Grip is an advanced rubber compound that creates a natural, secure grip like no other. The tactile surface is durable and helps keep the club in position with very light tension. The compound's unique, impact-softening qualities enhance player control through swing and impact without compromising any feel to the player.

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Lamkin Perma Wrap Tour £3