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Sukira Golf; KIMOTO Putter

The new Kimoto Putter by Sukira Golf, is forged from a single billet of the finest Japanese S20c carbon steel. Sukira's engineer Akira Suzuki AKA "the putter Picasso" has worked his wonders on this new design. Note the cross design CNC double routed face, which helps to eliminate back spin on firmer strikes. The heal and toe weight have also been balanced to aid a parallel swing line for better accuracy. The Kimoto is offered in 2 finishes "Matt Black" or "Nickel Silver"

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The Kimoto RRP is £199, Macleonard Golf are offering it for just £119 when assembled with a Nippon steel shaft and UST Mamiya SST Grip, black or white.
We are also able to supply the head only to qualified club assemblers for £89. Includes a black faux leather head-cover. Right hand only at present.

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Length of sole plate; 1125mm
Height of face; 25mm
Depth of sole; 30mm
Total height of hosel; 86.5mm
Face loft; 4 degree +/- 0.5
Head weight 350 grams +/- 2


Bang Golf Cadet Putter

Could this be the last putter you will ever need! The 450 gram Bang Cadet option seems to be favourite among the better players because it instills more control, especially on fast greens. A perfectly balanced face is achievable when using a double bend shaft, and the heel hosel head, whereas the centre hosel heads are ideal for use as a standard, belly, or broom-handle putter.

There are 2 options

1. Purchase the head only as a component, simply choose colour and hosel position then add to Basket, £69

2. Choose our recommended combination, fitted with the Bang Double bend steel shaft (balanced) and Putter Grip for only £85

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