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Soft Touch White/Blk/Grey

Soft Touch Black/White

Soft Touch Lite Tacky

UST Mamiya Soft Touch From £6
Soft Touch grips with enhanced design distribute a relaxed feel while limiting vibration through the use of advanced technology polyurethane materials. Wet or dry, Soft Touch Grips perform like a champion.

The new Soft Touch Lite £8
A new lightweight grip designed to increase club head speed and improve feel. Strategic embossed designs for additional stability in dry or wet conditions. The extra traction provides better feel and less grip pressure for a pure swing.

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The Pro DC by UST Mamiya

A great feel in a high performance, half cord – dual compound grip unique to and exclusively developed by the UST Mamiya design team. The Pro DC features a unique 4/3 compound, often preferred by better players and avid golfers looking for both torsional strength in the upper hand and a soft, velvety feel in the mid and lower section of the grip. Available in four graphically creative colour combinations to match the world’s most popular golf shafts.



UST Mamiya Pro DC (4 Colours) £6



UST Mamiya Comp SC (4 Colours) £5

The Comp SC by UST Mamiya

Utilising the latest compression moulding technology, UST Mamiya designers used only the finest natural rubber available to create this unique select compound, multicolour grip. As with all UST Mamiya premium grips, the three quarter wrap in the upper section provides low torque as well as the ultimate in traction and feel. Reinforcing the trend that white is the hottest new colour for 2010, the Comp SC is destined to become one of the season’s best sellers.


(RIGHT) UST Mamiya Tour PC

Introducing, UST Mamiya Premium compound golf grips. Designed using a new proprietary blend of the finest natural and synthetic rubber compounds, these grips provide a velvet soft feel featuring a glint texture for an exceptional torsionally tight, long lasting grip. 3 colours, and 2 sizes.

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UST Mamiya Tour PC £3.50 and £4 (2 sizes)


UST Mamiya TPC 360 £4.50 and £5.00 (2 sizes)

(LEFT) Tour PC 360 Golf Grips - NEW for 2013

The Tour PC 360 has been redesigned using a new proprietary blend of the finest natural and synthetic rubber compounds for a soft feel and enhanced durability. An additional 20% embossed texture provides exceptional traction in wet or dry conditions. These new 360's are ideal for interchangeable shafts, whereby the absence of a logo allows shaft rotation.

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UST ST1 Putter Grip Standard £7, Midsize £9, Jumbo £11, Super Jumbo £14

UST ST1 Putter Grip

The ST1 Putter Grip is the first putter grip line from UST Mamiya. These soft, tacky grips have a uniquely distinct feel. The ST1 features an embossed pattern providing traction in strategic areas and enhanced control. Offered in three sizes there is one to fit every golfer.

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