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Another great offer from MacLeonard, in our 1,000 drivers SALE, just £69, custom built with a UST shaft!

Please note; The Bangenstein is only sold to people who simply want some fun, it is not USGA approved due to its excessive COR Face. It is explosive off the face giving a medium to high trajectory and long ball flight. Get out there with your buddies and have some fun. The quality is exceptional having a triple titanium technology face, which is the reason it is too excessive for the like's of the USGA. If this head had been approved "street legal" it would be 3 times the price.

Important notice

All the drivers on this site are USGA and R&A approved, but the Bangenstein is made for those individuals who do not take the rules too seriously and can go hit it long!

It is important that anyone purchasing the Bangenstein, does so understanding the aforementioned comments.

You have 3 options.

1. Choose our regular specification above, custom built with a UST shaft for only £69

2. Or purchase a head only as a component, £49+ Free Headcover

3. Choose your own specs. Buy a head, go to shafts, then grips, make your selections, and we will custom build it for you.

If you need further assistance send us e-mail, we love to help, we endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

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