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NX1 Tour-proven Fairway Metals

The new NX1 Tour-proven Fairway Metals are engineered with a high-grade 2-piece construction which allows the head to be manufactured consistently with very precise wall thickness.

This precision casting allows for the optimal placement of all possible weight.

The result is a fairway metal that provides maximum forgiveness, unbelievable distance with an incredibly lively feel.

The NX1 Tour-proven Fairway Metals feature a traditional pear-shape that will benefit and perform great for players of all ability levels.

You have 3 options

1. Purchase the head only as a component, simply select the loft and Add to Basket £69

2. Choose our regular specification, custom built with a Fujikura shaft and Golf Pride Grip for only £109

3. Customise your club. Purchase a head, go to shafts, then grips, make your selections, and we will custom build it for you from only £92

If you need further assistance send us e-mail, we love to help, we endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

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