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Bang Pink Hybrids



The Bang Hybrid is now re-introduced as a full hybrid loft line-up based on the great success of the previous Bang Hybrid products. It features FA system technology for perfect trajectory, and a lower centre of gravity to help launch the ball in the air quicker and easier than most hybrids on the market today. With the Bang Hybrid, hooks and slices are gone. The pink hybrid has well established itself being the first pink on the market, and so popular.

With Bang Hybrids you can have a full matching set of clubs from #1 through to the Lob wedge, 1 swing for all your clubs!

You have 3 options

1. Purchase the head only as a component, simply select the loft and Add to Basket £59

2. Choose our regular specification, custom built with a UST Mamiya shaft and Golf Pride Grip for only £78

3. Customise your club. Purchase a head, go to shafts, then grips, make your selections, and we will custom build it for you.

If you need further assistance send us e-mail, we love to help, we endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

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SPECIFICATIONS (allow for manufacturing tolerances)

Loft Lie Bore Hosel I/D Hosel O/D Wt g
#1-12* 59* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 220
#2-15* 59* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 225
#3-18* 60* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 230
#4-21* 60* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 235
#5-24* 61* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 240
#6-27* 61* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 245
#7-31* 62* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 250
#8-36* 62* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 255
#9-41* 63* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 260
PW-46* 63* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 265
DW-51* 63.5* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 270
SW-56* 64* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 275
LW-61* 64.5* 34mm 0.370" 13.8mm 280