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Bang Center Cut Forged Irons



The Bang-O-Matic Centre-Cut Iron/Wedge series are the only iron/wedge products that extends from #0 to XW for both right and left handed in the entire golf industry and throughout golf history ever. It also features a revolutionary innovation in the design that differs from the normal cavity, blade or muscle back. It is made of forged soft metal with CNC milled face and back. The Bang-O-Matic wedge has an extreme sole weight that is wide enough to even help your fat shots still be good. Weighting is low to help you get the ball up easily as well as moving it toward the toe to keep the centre of gravity away from the hosel and below the centre of the ball. The Bang-O-Matic wedge is a great game improvement tool with CNC milled face engravings for a better backspin control. Sets of 3 to SW or 5 to SW


There are 2 options
1. Purchase heads only as components, select the quantity and "Add to Basket"
2. Prefer ready built? with UST Graphite, or Accuflex Laser Steel shafts, Golf Pride grips, fully assembled from only.

Quantity Heads Only Ready Built
6 irons 5 to PW £199 £259
7 irons 5 to SW £230 £300
8 irons 3 to PW £266 £346
9 irons 3 to SW £299 £389

If you need further help send your questions by e-mai, we endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

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