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Nakashima NP2 Forged Irons


The new 2008 NP2 Tour Forged irons feature the same classic lines as the flagship NP1 Tour Forged irons with the addition of a slightly wider sole and an increased cavity. These adjustments allow the NP2 Tour Forged iron to be played by a wide variety of players. Both professional and amateur will benefit from the increased control and playability. The NP2 Tour Forged irons are true billet forged from the world’s highest grade of carbon steel. This precise process insures the soft feel and sound preferred by better golfers. All grooves and logos are painstakingly CNC milled for precise control of depth and greater consistency, which in turn allows us to create crisper, more refined grooves and engravings. The new 2008 NP2 Tour Forged irons may be the most versatile irons ever. They feature the ideal combination of feel, workability, and forgiveness in a classic head design. Features: Full cavity for unbelievable forgiveness Increased sold width for consistent playability from all types of lies 1020 Carbon Steel for a solid, soft, consistent feel CNC Milled Grooves produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions Available in durable double nickel chrome plated mirror finish


There are 2 options

1. A full set of 8 irons assembled with AccuFLEX Icon Steel, tour quality shafts and Golf Pride Grips for £549

2. Or purchase a set of heads only as components, for only £399

You can of course design your own spec set, by choosing heads only, then visit our shafts/grips page, we will build your choices.

If you need further help send your questions by e-mail, we endeavour to answer within 24 hours. 

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Specifications NP2:

3 21.0° 60.0° 2.9mm 39.00"
4 24.0° 60.5° 2.8mm 38.50"
5 27.0° 61.0° 2.8mm 38.00"
6 31.0° 61.5° 2.7mm 37.50"
7 35.0° 62.0° 2.7mm 37.00"
8 39.0° 62.5° 2.6mm 36.50"
9 43.0° 63.0° 2.6mm 36.00"
PW 47.0° 63.5° 2.5mm 35.50"
Tol (+/-) 1.0° 1.0°