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Fujikura Pro

Fujikura Pro

The Fujikura Pro shaft has been designed by Fujikura Engineers to maximize the energy transfer from the golfer to the club head at impact, giving the golfer a greater energy transfer into the ball for longer drives. Through the use of ENSO®, each shaft within this series offers something different depending on your swing type. The Pro 53, 63, and 73 are designed for the golfer looking for a mid-launch and low spin, and the Pro 73 Tour Spec is designed for the stronger swinger who can benefit from a mid to low launch and low spin, with the launch and the spin taken care of, these shafts will allow for much greater distances.

Building off of Fujikura’s H.I.T. Technology, the PRO Series is built with Maximum Carbon Fiber Content material and Cage construction for stability throughout the swing to provide more accurate shots. Designed with a custom bending profile which creates a stiffened mid and tip section with more forgiveness in the handle section.

For a limited period we are offering a free grip, and assembly, to either a driver or fairway head (One of ours or your own)
The same applies if you buy one of our detachable adapters, the assembly charge and grip cost will be waved.

Recommended retail is £169 our SALE price is £50. ( ONE LEFT )

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