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Nippon 750 GH irons


The N. S. PRO 750GH Steel shaft for irons (Ultra-lightweight)
The N.S.PRO 750GH features a stronger shaft compliments of the four carbon filament sheets in the grip and that are wound using a special process. A new concept in composites to create a shaft that features lightness, hard-hitting feel and power in the same model. Weighing in at only 75 grams, it's packed with the latest technology to capture golfers' imaginations and mark it as the leader of the light generation.
• The Lightest N.S.PRO steel shaft ever.
• Improved grip strength for a stable, fluid swing.
• Faster head speed makes finding your tempo easy.
• Four light, strong graphite filament sheets (Tetra-Axis) for less vibrations.
• Revolutionary grip for ultimate accuracy.
• The carry distance of graphite, the control of steel.

New, improved strength thanks to four carbon filament sheets (Tetra-Axis) in the grip. The ultra-lightweight composite steel shaft born from a new concept.

One of our primary developmental themes challenges was the kind level of grip strength that would result from the new lighter weight. We succeeded in making the grip stronger based on a new concept wrapping four carbon filament sheets around the shaft core. Thanks to the innovative, N.S. PRO 750GH's unique design, the club length looks shorter, and, golfers enjoy a stable, consistent swing.

Product Flex Length in.(Count No)  Weight (g) Balance Point (%) Torque (°)  Kick Point Butt OD Tip OD
RI-2N16 PRO R 38.5"~35.0" (#3~W) 79.0 51.2 2.2 Tip 15.10 (0.594) 9.02 (0.355)
SI-2N16 PRO S 38.5"~35.0" (#3~W) 83.0 51.2 2.1 Tip 15.10 (0.594) 9.02 (0.355)
Also available in 9.40 mm (.370”) tip

Set of 6 Irons £389, Set of 8 Irons £499
Individual shafts are available to order for £69 each

Tip Size: