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MacLeonard MB431 Tour Wedge

The MB431 Tour Wedge by MacLeonard Golf is cast from hardened 431 Stainless Steel. The grooves are painstakingly applied by CNC routing for accuracy. One striking feature is that all three lofts have the same weight, which means during assembly three matching swing-weights are easily achieved, for better control and feel. They are available in lofts of 52* Gap Wedge, 56* Sand Wedge, and 60* Lob Wedge.

There are 3 options

1. Purchase heads as components only for £15 (Special offer)
2. Purchase each wedge with Accuflex Laser Steel shafts and Golf Pride grips fully assembled for £29
3. Or purchase heads only, add to Basket, then go to "custom shafts" followed by grips, make your selections, and buy exactly what you want for assembly.
It has never been easier to get what is right just for you!

If you need further help, send your questions by e-mail, we endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

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Specifications MacLeonard 431 Tour Wedge

Wedge Loft Lie Offset Weight Bounce
GW 52* 63* 0 300g 12*
SW 56* 63* 0 300g 15*
LW 60* 63* 0 300g 10*
Tolerance +/- 2* +/- 1* 0.5* +/- 3g +/- 1*