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MacLeonard Forged Wedges

"The quality will be remembered, long after the price has been forgotten" (Henry Royce engineer)

There is nothing in the bag to compare with a well set up forged wedge, and with these beautifully engineered Tour Quality clubs you need look no further. Forged from a solid billet of fine carbon steel, they go through a process of double milling, first the face for perfect flatness and the second pass to create a finger-print surface, then the rear is milled for balance and weight control. The grooves are created by CNC routing, by far the most precision method currently in use, they then go through a process of hand linishing before the single layer of satin chrome finish are applied, allowing the head to tarnish over time in a raw state.

MacLeonard produce these wedges in just four lofts; 52* Gap Wedge, 56* Sand Wedge, 60* Lob Wedge, and 64* Extra Lob. (Right hand only at present)

There are 3 options

1. Purchase heads as components only for £39
2. Prefer ready built? with Accuflex Icon Steel shaft and UST grips fully assembled for £59
3. Or purchase heads only, add to Basket, then go to "custom shafts" followed by grips, make your selections, and buy exactly what you want for assembly from £53
It has never been easier to get what is right just for you!

If you need further help, send your questions by e-mail, we endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

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Specifications: Forged Wedges

CLUB 52 56 60 64 Tol
Loft 52* 56* 60* 64* +/- 1*
Lie 64* 64* 64* 64* +/- 1*
Weight 300g 306g 314g 324g +/- 3g
Offset 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 +/-0.1