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MacLeonard Golf Build Custom Golf Clubs

To Suit You & Your Golf + Repair & Regrip

Brand Partners

Golf Pride
UST Mamiya
Super Stroke

Mizuno JPX923

In the Mizuno JPX923 range there is a golf club to suit all golfers from Pros to those with a slower swing speed who are looking for help getting the ball airborne. Here at MacLeonard we can fit you with the club which will help you take your game to a higher level.

Golf Club Repair

Some golf clubs seem to have design flaws causing the shaft to break at the hozel. This is an example of what can be repaired. More…

Golf Grips Do Not Last For Ever

If your clubs are more than a couple of years old chances are the grips are becoming smooth. The simple act of regripping the clubs can have a very positive impact on your ability to strike the ball. Here at MacLeonard Golf we have a very wide choice of grips to suit all tastes. Why not get your clubs re-gripped?

Golf Simulator

Whether it is a fitting, lesson or simply playing for pleasure our golf simulator studio is a popular facility. If you would like to book an indoor lesson or to simply play sheltered from the weather please call 0121 474 2969.

Mix and Match To Create Your Own Golf Set Online

Can I order golf heads from one section shafts from another and some grips?

Yes, of course.

Example (For more help please see FAQs or please ring.)

Bang Irons

True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts order Please select Custom Assembly and order as many shafts as heads.

Grips order grips as with shafts order as many as you have heads.

MacLeonard Golf will add the grips to the shafts and apply the heads.

And they will be shipped to you please add the cost of delivery when you checkout.

Does this apply all combinations?

No – some of the specialist shafts are designed to be custom fitted to you and your golf, this is something we fully support – to ensure that you are going to truly enjoy your golf clubs.

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