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MacLeonard’s custom club builders, consider the most important component in a golf club is the shaft. It is your main link between the club head and your hands, and therefore deserves extra consideration. We can recommend shafts with different characteristics for different players, do you need the launch angle to be high, low, or in between? Do you need to alter the shape of your shots to spin left, right, or in between?

Our range of shafts offer the player various combinations to achieve the aforementioned, be it by weight, flex, bend point, or a subtle combination of all three, but it must be remembered that your style of swing has the greatest influence.

Below we have shafts to suit all budgets and requirements, what is right for you? Please arrange a fitting or telephone 0121 474 2969 for more information.

Many golf clubs come with a regular shaft as standard, and that will be fine for some people but not all. If you are not a 5 foot 10 man, chances are your shaft could be the wrong length.

The flex – and so forth can make a difference – if you are looking to enjoy your golf more why not arrange a fitting and take your golf to the next level?

Can MacLeonard Golf fit the shafts to a clubhead? Absolutely – if the shaft is bought from us the charge is £5 per club. More about our club building options.

Grips – we have a large range of grips which if you buy the grips from us we will fit free of charge.

Do I need to have a low handicap to take advantage of this type of service? No. We fit the golf equipment to you.

Just had my second set of shafts fitted…

Just had my second set of shafts fitted by James played first game yesterday, after first few shots noticed more distance and accuracy. Very pleased again. Well done James.

Neil Briggs

MacLeonard Golf have the ability to access a huge range of golf shafts. Here on the website what is listed is not an exhaustive list. If you are looking for a particular brand feel free to give us a call, where our expertise is, we can look at your swing, your golfing goals and from that come up  with recommendations which make sense for you.

MacLeonard Golf will only recommend something which is right for you.

More Manufacturers of Golf Shafts Which MacLeonard Golf Work With

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