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Bright as a diamond! the Sukira JB1 from the Pagoda series, custom built with UST Mamiya or Fujikura shafts, the best of Japanese composites.

Sukira JB 1

Sukira have produced the JB1 driver with very simplistic lines, the much loved pear drop shape, void of all bells and whistles, well almost, there is a variable weight screw at the rear of the sole plate, which is used to fine tune the swing-weight of the finished product, based upon the players preferences. The head shell consists of just two parts, as against the usual 4 or 5 used by the majority of manufacturers. How is this possible? Well the main shell is cast from a very durable and light 6-4 titanium, whilst the face is forged from SP700 titanium. This method of production requires only one weld rather than 4 or 5 for fabricated shells, the less welding the less distortion caused by heat. So if it is such a good idea why don’t all manufacturers use this method? In one word, Cost. It is far more expensive to produce a head by casting, than it is by pressing out the various pieces and welding.

This method of cast-construction also directs more energy through the face to the ball, even the average player can feel the difference. It has a very solid sound on contact with the ball, and as the player gradually tunes into it, it becomes a very workable driver, even for the weekend player.
Suited for? Scratch to mid handicappers, and the player who knows that within, he/she has the ability to unleash yet more power and accuracy.

Suzuki Akira engineer.

Choose from 9, 10.5, 12, RH lofts – sorry no left-hand heads

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