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BGT Stability Carbon Putter Shaft

The First Customized Putter Shaft

This is an opportunity to customize your putter to suit your game:-

  • Length
  • Connector colour
  • Tip finish

Leading on from the original stability shaft launched in 2018.

  • Designed to fit all putter heads
  • 4 Connector options and 2 finishes
  • Patented technology helps deliver the face square

Why not come in and take a closer look at MacLeonard Golf in Birmingham.

Tip Diameter
.355″ .370″ .390″
125 gm
Butt Diameter
1 ̊

Heel-Toe Velocity Analysis at 2500 Frames/Second

Traditional Steel Shaft Putter

Causes wild oscillation.

Evidence of how weak and unstable a steel shaft is. Even on center strikes.

Stability Delivered By A Carbon Fibre Shaft

Causes almost no oscillation.

Evidence of how much more stable the Stability shaft is.

To order – we can supply the shaft only or fix to your putter head or please select one of our putter heads.


Fix a putter head £15

Any questions please do give us a call 0121 474 2969.

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