Nippon Golf Shafts

Nippon started making golf shafts in 1959. A leader in the development of advanced materials today Nippon golf shafts standout from the crowd.

Nippon introduced the first sub 100gsm series of shafts with “constant weight” meaning that every shaft in a golfers bag weighs the same. Popular with professionals this feature can help everyone.

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Online orders welcome. We can supply the shafts on their own. or if you prefer we can build your clubs with your chosen heads and grips. If you have any questions please do get in touch.

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Nippon Modus Tour 105 Iron Shafts

The all new N.S. Pro Modus Tour 105 offers a lighter weight to increase club head speed creating longer distances, straighter and more consistent performance.

Nippon NS Pro 850GH Iron Shafts

The N.S. PRO 850GH steel shaft for Irons (Ultra lightweight) ideal for full swings. The shaft features a dual step construction for added distance.

Nippon Zelos 7 Iron Shafts

These are the world’s lightest steel shafts and that is achieved without sacrificing strength. If you are interested in these shafts please enquire and if you know what you want you can order online.

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