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KBS Tour Lite Iron Shafts

The New Standard in Lite Performance

The KBS TOUR LITE is designed for players seeking tight dispersion, higher trajectory, additional spin, precision control, & combining it with maximum distance in the ultimate lightweight package. The perfect golf weapon for a player of any skill level. The KBS TOUR LITE conclusively assists to increase swing, control, dispersion & ball speeds. Independent testing showed that the KBS TOUR LITE Series averaged 9% more distance than its leading competitors. As the newest, lightest, steel shaft in the KBS product line, the KBS TOUR LITE Series is a 20% lighter version of the KBS TOUR Shaft, as well as 20% lighter than any standard steel shaft in the same category. The KBS TOUR LITE Series will consist of a 95/R, 100/S, and 105X in weight & Flex. Same Great KBS TOUR feel & performance, in a LITE package.

It’s time to see the LITE & switch to the KBS TOUR LITE Series today.

95 R100 S105 X
Shaft Flex and Weight

Available in two tip sizes .355″ and .370″


Set make up £45 per shaft. Head fitting £5 per shaft to any heads bought on this site. Grips if bought on this website – free fitting.

(3-PW – £360), in Quantity order 8

(4-PW – £315), in Quantity order 7

(5-PW – £270), in Quantity order 6

Available in tip size .355″ and .370″

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