Miura K Grind 2.0 Wedge

The Miura 1957 K-Grind Wedge is one of the most recognizable wedges ever made with their signature “knuckles” or fluted sole. Specifically designed to reduce twisting from rough and glide through the sand. The 2.0 features a more modern sole design with increased bounce and roll and the grooves have been milled to provide increased spin on intermediate and full shots.

Miura Tour Chrome Wedge

The Tour Wedge delivers the legendary feel golfers covet.
The wedge does not chase distance like other clubs, but
rather precision and control necessary for scoring. This design is the first from Miura using CNC milling for the face and grooves, allowing for ultimate spin control.

Orka OD Forged

The all new OD wedge (Original Design) is aimed at all levels of golfer. With its aggressive C and heel grind, the OD wedge allows you to really open the wedge when required, limiting leading edge rise.

Bang Tour Tools Wedge

The Tour Tools Wedge System 304 is tumble-finished with a nice dark finish. It is made from soft 304 stainless steel.

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